CX Invoice query

Welcome to the EasyFreight CX Invoice Query Page.

We strive to ensure that every payment is made on time every time. Therefore, if your payment is late, it is usually late because we have either not received the original paperwork and invoice and/or you have not invoiced us, as required, through the CX Website.

CX Booking Instructions as laid out in CX Bookings:
1: ORIGINAL Paperwork MUST be received by us within 7 (SEVEN) days of job completion.
2: We DO NOT accept invoices / PODs by email. We require THE ORIGINALS.
3: The Payment Terms are from the date Invoice and Original Documents received.
4: Work carried out through the CX Website MUST, REPEAT, MUST be invoiced through the CX Website.

Payments are made on a 45 days, end of month basis. This basis starts from the date from which we correctly receive your invoice and paperwork.

Please ensure that you have complied with the CX booking instructions before contacting us. If you have not, please send required documents as soon as possible.

If you would still like to query an invoice, please fill out the following form.


Please ensure that you have complied with CX Booking Instructions.

We require original paperwork

Do you have a copy of the paperwork?
Do you understand that our payment terms are 45 days, end of month, from when we receive your invoice and NOT from when you completed the work or from when the work was cancelled?

I confirm that I have read fully, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions and that I am authorised to act on behalf of the applicant business. *

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