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Medical Delivery


Contact your local office in Chester, Rhyl and Stoke on Trent for UK Medical delivery services or book your delivery here 

In the balance between health and illness, we can help put time on your side. We provide real time Solutions for Life.

Everyday we move medication, surgical supplies and associated materials from one end of the UK to the other. We understand the meaning of
‘Urgent’ and ‘Time Critical’ and the life and death balance many patients and their medical providers find themselves in.

We provide a variety of services to medical & pharmaceutical professionals. To find out more, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

Medical & Biological Delivery Services we offer:

Our Medical Services Include:

Immediate transfer of machinery / monitors / pumps


Collection and direct delivery of Operation kits / units, or pharmaceuticals from hospital to hospital whether it around the corner or across the country.


Clinical Trials Transfer


Tissue Transfer


Blood Collection and Delivery


Diagnostic and laboratory Services


Organ Transplant Collection and Delivery


Our fully trained and vetted drivers understand that there is no margin of error and are committed to delivering on time, anytime. Our service provides a door to door service, following your exact delivery instructions to the letter.



Contact us

We are a really helpful bunch!

Chester: 01244 552398


Rhyl: 01745 337246

Stoke on Trent: 01782 940096

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